Periodontal Bacteria DNA Testing

We now know that there are 300 to 350 different species of bacteria in the mouth. Some bacteria are helpful and some are harmful. Bacteria under the gum-line destroy the bone resulting in loose teeth and the need for extractions.

Collecting a sample is easily administered chairside, taking about one minute to complete:

  1. Patient swishes and gargles a saline solution for 30 seconds
  2. Patient expectorates into funneled collection tube
  3. Funnel is removed and cap is secured to top of collection tube
  4. Sample is labeled with patient name and date of birth

A  perio path report is then sent to our office with the bacteria culture results. 

You can view a sample path report by clicking this link, OralDNALabs-MyPerioPath-report

Once reviewed Dr Trail will determine which antibiotic to prescribe, to selectively destroy the aggressive bacteria leaving the healthy bacteria behind.